Elected/Appointed Officers:
President:  John Loken
Treasurer and

  Membership Secretary: Renae Hills

Secretary:  Tara Bitzan​

Interested in being a part of the Douglas County Cemetery Association Board of Directors?​  We would love to discuss what we do with you!  
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The Douglas County Cemetery Association will work hard to fulfill its purpose of being a resource for member cemeteries in dealing with the operational problems that arise, creating mutually beneficial relationships between our members, promoting our cemeteries as the guardians of our county's heritage and as a place of lasting tribute to the memory of those who have gone on before us.

Our Mission

Our Board of Directors

​​​​​​​​2018-2019  Board of Directors: 

​​Jerry Buse - East Moe 
Darrel Holverson - St. Petri 
Renae Hills - Lake Mary

John Loken - Trysil Bethesda

Gary Halstead - Hudson 

Julie Smith - First Lutheran (Kensington)

Outside Director: 

Tara Bitzan

Ex Officio Member/DCHS: 

Ann Skoglund

Douglas County

​Cemetery Association